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October 8, 2018

07: Gaining Clients’ Trust with Chuy Photo

You may know him as the “King of Steam.” Chuy has made a name for himself by capturing beautifully portrayed intimate photos of couples, and this title is such a good fit for him. I’m so glad he was able to come on the show! We talked about how his photography journey has looked so far (he hasn’t been doing this for as long as you’d think – all the more impressive!), balancing family life as an entrepreneur, how to gain clients trust, and so. much. more. We cover a lot and I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did!


Let’s hear your story! How’d you get started? What drew you to wedding and couple photography?

You’ve been full-time a year or so, right? Crazy how far you’ve come in that amount of time!! What were you doing before? What made you decide to take the leap to go full-time in photography?

Creative Process

You are a creative genius in your work. You’re constantly pushing the social norms, which I love. When you started posting gif’s I was just like, “how does he come up with this stuff?!” I love those!! You’re definitely great about getting inventive and creating trends.

How do you come up with your creative ideas? Where do you draw inspiration from? Fill us in on your creative process!

What is your personal favorite photo that you’ve ever taken?

A lot of your work is pretty steamy. How do you get your clients to trust you? And were you scared to show steamy work at first?

What drew you into producing more steamy photos? When did you know that that would be part of your niche?

How do you prep your clients before a shoot to put them more at ease? Are you more of the “let’s-plan-everything-to-a-T” kind of person or do you ere more on the side of spontaneity?

Now, you’re also a husband and a father. You have such a cute family! For all of the working mom’s and dad’s who may be listening right now, how do you balance family life?


I started following you right after you hit 10k on Instagram and you have grown so much since then. And I want to talk about growing a following on Instagram for a minute, because it’s something that so many people want to know about. Personally, I don’t believe we should place our worth as creatives in how many followers we have or how many likes we get on our posts, but I do see growth as an opportunity to reach more people and gain more clients! I’d love to hear more about what it’s been like for you since accumulating so much of a fan-base!

  • How has that affected your work? Has it become easier to find work or has having a bigger audience pushed you harder?
  • You have been featured on a ton of accounts, super cool! Do you think that has played a part in your audience growth? Do you have any advice for photographers who want to get their photos featured on other accounts?


Let’s talk about your workshops!

Wrapping It Up

What are some goals that you’re currently pushing towards in your business?

What advice would you give photographers who are just getting started in their craft?

How can people find you?

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