2018: My Hope

December 29, 2017

Every year, one of my entrepreneurial role models chooses one word to reflect her business hopes & goals in the upcoming year. Rather than writing down a multitude of small goals, she chooses one word to center all of her upcoming ventures around. For 2018, I’m trying out her method.

My word for 2018 is: impact.

Here are a few of the ways I hope to achieve impact in my business next year!

Serving Abroad

I’m honestly not sure how this one will happen, but I know that if God wants it to then He’ll make a way. I want to make a difference for those living in poverty across the country, via my skills. Documenting what life is like for them and raising awareness for them. I’ve been on some amazing trips to other countries in the past year but only experienced the tourist sides of their culture. I saw those poverty areas and decided I wanted to go back and focus on them. We’ll see how that plays out next year.

Producing Free Content for Engaged Couples + Photographers

I’ve been able to get a head start on this goal in the past couple of months and have really enjoyed it. I intend to continue creating and producing free content that will benefit both engaged couples and photographers! I’ll be doing this regularly for photographers through my newsletter. You can follow along for updates on content for engaged couples by following me on Instagram: @JoelleElizabethPhotography.

Joelle Elizabeth Workshop

Making an impact for other photographers is a big one for me. After 8 years of pursuing photography and running my own business, I’ve learned a lot about the industry. Next year I’ll be hosting a 3-day photography workshop for anyone interested in learning about wedding photography, working with couples, and running your own business. I’m very excited about this one!!

No matter what I pursue in the next year, the primary focus is going to be, “how will this make an impact on the recipient?” I’m hopeful and excited for what 2018 holds for Joelle Elizabeth Photography, and feel so blessed to have you all along on the journey with me.

What is your hope for 2018? Tell me in the comments below!



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