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May 17, 2018

I don’t think that it’s a secret how much I love my coffee. Ironically enough, I used to hate coffee! Then, I tried some with flavored creamer and everything changed. Now, I’m in love with my daily cup of coffee, cute mugs, and all of the coffee things! I thought it would be fun to break down some of my favorite coffee things in a blog post for you guys. If you want to get to know me a bit more or if you’re a fellow coffee lover, read on!

My Favorite Coffee Shop…

I love Infusco Coffee in Sawyer, MI! I discovered their coffee grounds this past winter and they are hands-down the best coffee grounds I’ve ever tasted. The shop is even better! Everyone is very welcoming and you feel at home while you’re there. It’s also a great space for getting a lot done! You can read more about why I love Infusco in this blog post.

My Coffee Frother…

A couple of years ago I mentioned to my mom that it would be cool to have a frother for the creamer I put in my coffee. So for Christmas she gave me a frother! I love it; it’s really fun to use and not that hard to clean. It makes your creamer foamy which is a fun way to switch things up. I want to say that she got it from Target! But, you can also find them on Amazon.

My Favorite Creamer…

My go-to creamer is International Delight’s French Vanilla flavor. I’ll put in about 4 tablespoons worth of creamer in my coffee, which surprises a lot of people. My sister made me coffee once and joked that in order to know how much creamer to put in, it needed to be white! No shame. I also love the Peppermint Mocha creamer when the holidays roll around!

Favorite Coffee Mugs (and display rack!)

Coffee mugs are my weakness! I love all of the cute designs you can find at pretty much any retail store. Some of my favorite mugs have been gifts from friends (usually found at TJMaxx). I also love the designs from Kiloh & Co, Chalkfulloflove, and Mugsby!

Last year I mentioned to Lyndon that I wanted to look into buying a wooden display rack to hang all of my coffee mugs on, and he suggested that we make one instead. So he found the parts and put it together, and now it’s one of my favorite pieces in our home! I love it!


The Coffee Maker I Use…

We have two coffee makers, actually. I already owned a Keurig and Lyndon had a simple coffee maker from Mr. Coffee. Since discovering Infusco, we’ve switched to mainly using his coffee maker. I’ll still use my Keurig sometimes if I want a hot chai latte, though!

My Starbucks Order…

I’ve tried different orders from Starbucks in the spirit of trying new things, but they never end up being anything I like. So I stick with my usual which is the White Chocolate Mocha! I also really love their chai lattes but I realized that for some reason chai lattes make me sleepy, so I’ve stopped having those during the day. During the summertime, I like to get their Vanilla Bean Frappucino for a refresh during the day!

For the most part, I stick to just one cup of coffee a day. But, if I’m traveling (especially internationally) chances are I’m going to have a couple of cups to help me stay awake! Every now and then I’ll try to go without coffee for a couple of days to give my body a break, and I rarely drink coffee when I’m sick. I also try to stay hydrated throughout the day with plenty of water since coffee dehydrates you. It’s important to stay hydrated!

There you have it. All of my coffee go-to’s in one post. Now it’s your turn! What’s your favorite coffee drink? Tell me in the comments!


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