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Podcasts are great for reaching a different audience – people who would rather listen than read. Batchwork, batchwork, batchwork. Have 10-15 episodes recorded before you launch On launch day, have between 3-5 episodes available so people can get a taste for what they can expect from you moving forward & get hooked Set aside a […]

I remember the first day Alina came to our high-school, how it didn’t take long for her and Christian to hit it off. Before long they were inseparable, tied to each other’s hips. 7 years later and they’re planning their wedding, and I am so so so so honored that I get to be the […]

Last July we moved to Bloomington, IN from Southwest Michigan, meaning that I needed to begin marketing myself to a new location. As daunting as that can sound, I’m the kind of person who gets excited about these things because I see it as a fun challenge. I decided to view it as a luxury, […]

In college I took a class where we talked about different topics that would stimulate an open conversation. Our teacher was so awesome about providing a space where people’s opinions could be heard and new ideas could be shared. One day, the topic of ethical clothing came up. We watched a documentary about the working […]

“We were best friends for 2 years but we always kinda knew,” Leslie told me as we walked around downtown Chicago. Bradley chimed in, “I always knew.” They met in college and when the time was right, they took their friendship to the next level. And then to the next, and now this July they’ll […]

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