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Valentines Day is riiiiight around the corner and I AM SO EXCITED FOR IT.  Here’s the deal, this is a holiday to treat yo’ self, baby (Treat Yourself Day anyone? Aziz would be proud). It doesn’t matter whether you have a babe or if you’re single and ready to mingle (or not). This holiday is […]

Pricing tiers are my new favorite thing. About a month ago, I began playing around with ideas of how I could create more tiers in my pricing structure; I wanted to experiment with the idea to see if it would bring in more clients. Low and behold, it worked! If you’re not already, I want […]

If you know me, you know I’m always reading a book. And this year there have been some real good ones. With only four days left of the decade (wait, what?!), I thought it would be fitting to do a blog post about the best books I read this year. To Hell with the Hustle […]

Admitting my big goals for 2020 out loud & feeling real excited about it! What are your goals for next year? I’d love to know!

At the beginning of this year, I could feel change coming. Big changes. And I knew that my business was going to hit a point somewhere along the way of 2019, where it would become bigger than I ever expected. And so I began praying, “God, what do I need to have in place now […]