Offering boudoir is one of the best decisions I've ever made in my photography career. There is so much empowerment that comes with boudoir sessions. To see other women embracing their bodies and gaining more confidence in themselves is amazing to me! I have a couple of guidelines - my shots are tasteful, I do not photoshop (this is all about embracing your beautiful self!), and you must be 18 or older. Other than that, you can expect to have fun! 


the experience

- one hour

- complimentary hair & makeup

- 10 professionally edited images

- 4 week delivery



- Albums (beginning at $280)

This session is all about you and the Queen that you are! On the day of your session you'll arrive at my studio and I'll give you a big welcome bear hug. There will be refreshments for you to enjoy as I give you a tour of the space, and then you'll show me the pieces you've brought with you. We'll start with either a robe or jeans + bra to help you get warmed up, and then move on to your lingerie pieces. I will guide and direct you through all of the poses, demonstrating myself how you should angle your body for each new position. All the while, there will be music playing in the background to help set your mind at ease and get you in the mood! 

what's included