Building Wealth as a Faith-Based Business Owner

July 7, 2020

w/ Evie Rupp

Can work-ethic be a God thing?

  • People assume that work is a reflection or result of the fall when in reality, God created Adam and gave him the garden to upkeep and work.
  • Once Christians are able to realize that and embrace it, it opens this freedom that isn’t negative, but rather one of the most fulfilling and exhilarating parts of your life.
  • You’re not supposed to work during the week only to live for the weekend, you’re meant to work for a purpose.

How do you make work fun?

  • Switch locations every couple of days, invite friends, go to coffee shops, etc. 
  • Decide what makes it enjoyable for you
  • Structure makes it more enjoyable for me as a 7

What does structure look like for you?

  • Having a schedule/due dates & core objectives to keep her motivated
  • Work date is by a specific agenda w/ core objectives that move her towards a specific goal
  • The struggle with big dreamers and multi passionate people banditry to do everything is that we get to do everything and don’t get to do what we accomplished 
  • Rocks, pebbles, sand analogy: Rocks = top priority , pebbles = #2, sand = things that can be pushed back

What does wealth mean to you? 

  • Feeling joy, having peace, impact, fulfilled and close family
  • Goal: To have the freedom and peace to not care of the price of gas.

How do you keep your heart in check when it comes to building wealth but also not getting sucked into the money signs?

  • Anytime you approach a conversation with money (business, giving, budget, etc.) you need to start a foundation of having your relationship with money defined.
  • Money is not evil but a tool and resource. When you approach it as that it becomes so much easier to approach it from a healthy mindset and perspective
  • When you are motivated by money people can feel it.
  • Recognize where money sits in your life and priorities and then being able to have an intimate relationship with God. 
  • 3 things to stay focused with money: 1)Know your relationship with money and keep it in it’s place 2) Be intimate with God 3) Have a community of people that can give you feedback

Do you have to be poor in order to be holy?

  • We are supposed to be the givers and the lenders. As believers we are called to impact the world for God’s glory and his kingdom and how we can do that is through resources and finances. We are called to be the people if there’s a need and people need resources that the church (collectively) should be the first to stand up. It shows the nature in the Father that He provides and that He is generous and will show support. 
  • Wealth does not equal holiness. As Christians it’s our responsibility to strive to give him glory and a power to do that is having those resources.

What does stewardship mean to you? 

  • Recognize that what you have and what you’ve been given is not your own
  • Not just in finances but in every aspect (passion, gifting, etc.)
  • To take care of what he’s given you and steward it in a way that’s going to glory him and impact the world
  • This isn’t your business, it’s God. He gave this to you!  

How do you stay in tune with Him? 

  • Spending time with him as a friend and relationship the same way I would with my family and friends
  • Inviting into every single thing you do

What is a simple first step to take when building wealth?

  • 1. Define your relationship with money before working with what you have: Do you have a poverty mindset? Are you scared of loss? Are you greedy?
  • 2. Work with what you have: Steward those $10 in your bank account you have right now
  • The more money, the more risk. Learn how to operate from the very beginning you will learn how to steward it and cultivate it as you grow. 

Financially, what did you have to overcome while your business grew so fast? 

  • God took [Evie] through this season of surrendering and trusting him 
  • It was scary to feel this sudden responsibility for so much resources and my heart has always been to live from a prospective to honor God. 
  • Spent $20k in one week
  • It’s scary to feel in control of that much money.

If listeners could take away one thing from this episode…

All about stewardship- no matter what you’re doing and what you have your an use that to give glory to god and impact the world around you and it will radically transform your life and those around you

If you haven’t met Evie Rupp yet, you’re in for a real treat. Founder of The Heart University, Evelyn (or Evie for short) is a faith-based business coach whose mission is to not only help women create a life and a business they love while also keeping God at the center of everything. Join me and Evie (@evierupp) as we chat wealth building as a faith owned business, the true meaning of stewardship, and how to stay focused instead of focusing on the dolla’ signs. Evie is a 

business coach, entrepreneur, and elopement photographer who empowers women entrepreneurs to build a life they love and leave behind a legacy that lasts for years to come. 


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