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Working from Home

Oh, that home-office life. It’s widely glorified on social media and craved for by goal diggers still plowing away at their 9-5. The opportunity to be able to just work from bed in the comfort of your pj’s and decide your own hours is something so many creatives desire. However, once you’re working from home […]

October 16, 2017

Education, Lifestyle

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1-on-1 Mentoring | Elli Jo Photography

You know how every once in awhile, a stranger comes into your life and you just hit it off as if you’ve always known each other? That’s what it felt like when I met Elli for our 1-on-1 mentoring session. And I’m 99.99% sure that’s just how she makes anyone feel who comes into her […]

August 15, 2017

Education, Portraits

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When You’re in A Slump

Running a business comes with a lot of high’s and a lot of low’s. When I’m discouraged, I easily fall into self-doubt and begin analyzing everything. But, there are 3 questions I always ask myself when I’m in a slump, and I think they’re important questions any business owner should ask themselves in moments of […]

August 8, 2017

Education, personal

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1-on-1 with Kaitlynn | Park City, Utah

Last week, you might have seen on my social media that I was in Utah for a couple of days. I flew out to coach Kaitlynn of Kaitlynn Quist Photography, about photography and business, and we had a blast! We started our 1-on-1 at Atticus Coffee in Park City. This coffee shop is so cute! They […]

August 3, 2017

Education, Engagement, Portraits

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What Mentoring Means to Me

I’m not sure how I ended up in Utah mentoring another photographer…only 10 months after I visited my first workshop, in Utah. I’m not sure how I ended up mentoring other photographers at all. After all, I just went full-time in April. I may be a photographer who’s going on 7 years now, but this […]

July 28, 2017

Education, personal

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