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Berrion’s Journey Started in January 2019 after finding out that periods aren’t supposed to be painful During her journey of hypothalamic amenorrhea and HBC (hormonal birth control) she’s has been able to not only heal her own body and period but also teach other women how to have pain-free periods and having a life Periods Are […]

When I began tweaking my workflow to match the strategy I’m about to tell you, my bookings went through the roof. You’ve gotta admit, you’re curious right?! Buckle up, I’m about to change your life in six easy steps. Step 1: Respond quickly & End your emails with a question This may feel like a […]

There’s a lot that’s happened in the past nine years while pursuing this business of mine. My entrepreneurial journey started in high-school, continued through college, and when I graduated I kept a part-time job for a few months before finally taking my business full-time. There was no plan for leaving my part-time job. That job […]

Today I’m celebrating three years as a full-time business owner. I will never forget the day that I FINALLY dropped off my application in the mail to make my biz official. Or the day that I officially opened up my business bank account. Or the day that I turned in my two-week notice and pursued […]

In an industry where there has been so much competition in the past, it’s been beautiful to see how many of us are teaming up on different projects at the moment. Collaborating with other entrepreneurs is one of the best things you can do. It builds your network, your relationships with each other, gives you […]