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Guest Blogger: Rachel Cruze Buying a home is probably the most expensive decision you’ll ever make. But it’s also one of the most exciting decisions you’ll ever make. Whether you’re a newlywed in the housing market or just tired of renting, you probably have many reasons why you want to buy a house soon. I get that. […]

Guest Blogger: Casey Lester Differing opinions in a marriage is inevitable. One thing every marriage has in common is the fact that disagreements and arguments are present. They are some of the most dreaded times in a marriage. However, what if the idea of arguments changed? Instead of attacking your spouse during an argument, try […]

I met up with Justice Wipff, a personal trainer in Chicago to talk about some ways brides could get in better shape before their wedding day! Being a woman myself, I know how real body insecurities can be and I also know how good we can feel about ourselves when we have a smart workout […]

One of my favorite things to do when I visit Chicago is to eat at new-to-me restaurants! Over the holidays, my sister and I took a trip to Chicago and ate at this cute restaurant called Left Coast, with my friend Justice (you may recognize her from previous blog posts). It was my first time […]

When we got engaged last year, wedding planning brought on a whole new list of “necessities”. Of course there were the obvious ones like my dress, where our venue would be, and our date…but, there were so many small categories to suddenly consider too. One of those categories was my makeup routine for the day […]

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