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In college I took a class where we talked about different topics that would stimulate an open conversation. Our teacher was so awesome about providing a space where people’s opinions could be heard and new ideas could be shared. One day, the topic of ethical clothing came up. We watched a documentary about the working […]

Tomorrow I turn 24, and wow oh wow has 23 been the year of my life. So much happened while I was 23 and I’m so incredibly grateful for all of it. It taught me a lot, mostly about how much I’m capable of and how much God is always moving on our behalf. Really […]

I had a moment tonight where I realized how incredibly proud of myself I am. Not because of what you might think, but because I’m beginning to see a huge difference in how I feel mentally. This year has been an incredible growth year for me, not only in my business but as an individual. […]

I decided to switch things up a bit for this month’s #joellesreads edition! I’ve really been enjoying digging deeper into scripture lately, so I’m sharing some of the things I’ve learned in different books of the Bible that I’ve been reading. Some of them are super cool! Ruth There were two specific things that really […]

A few weeks ago we visited Ålesund, Norway to photograph a destination wedding. We instantly fell in love with Norway’s scenery! It is absolutely breathtaking. Mountains and lakes everywhere you look. We had a couple of days after the wedding to explore Ålesund and really enjoyed it! There are so many trails around town that […]

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