I've got options for ya.

To book your spot, there's a $275 deposit (this amount is subtracted from the total price in the collections). The remaining payment is due three days before your sesh.

You can see all of the details by clicking below!


Let's talk details.

the collections


+ Hair & Makeup
+ 1 hour session
+ 15-20 images (photographer's choice)
+ 1 week delivery

The Mini Collection

+ Hair & Makeup
+ 1-2 hour session
+ All digital images
+ 4x4 album (includes 10 images)
+ Same day viewing

The Deluxe Collection



+ Hair & Makeup
+ 1-2 hour session
+ All digital images
+ 12x12 album (includes 10 images)
+ Same day viewing

The Premium Collection


I'm ready to book!

5 Easy Steps

You'll inquire through my contact form & I’ll email you back ASAP to let you know if I have your day available!

We’ll set up a time to have a lil’ Facetime chat or grab breakfast together to get to know each other a bit more.

I’ll send you a custom quote based on what’s most important to you on your day & your budget.

Fingers crossed, you say yes! Crossing one more item off your checklist (#canIgetanamen)!

From there, I’ll send you the contract & invoice for your retainer. Once those are singed & paid, I’m officially your photographer! YAY!!

but first, a few things
you should know:

I only photograph Friday & Sunday weddings.

Collections begin at $2,000






5 Easy Steps

I’ve been self conscious and negative about my body image my entire life, so I was super nervous and anxious just thinking about doing a boudoir session. I decided to just live in the moment and do it anyway, and I am so happy I did! Joelle is amazing to work with! Before we even started all my insecurities just disappeared. She made me feel so comfortable and beautiful. It was literally like spending time with a best friend. I left feeling so empowered and confident! I would honestly do it again tomorrow! I’m now convinced every woman needs to do a boudoir at least once. 


"I was extremely happy when I learned Joelle was beginning to offer boudoir sessions as part of the services she offers. During the session, Joelle make me feel extremely comfortable, almost if I was just hanging out with a girlfriend. The photos turned out beautifully...I would highly recommend booking a boudoir session with Joelle."


I had such a great time doing my boudoir session with Joelle. I had never done anything like that before and was nervous, but Joelle’s sweet and charming nature quickly put me at ease and she was able to get some incredible shots. Joelle helped me feel cool, confident, and sexy and I’m so glad I decided to go with her for these photos. It was such an empowering experience and I would definitely recommend it.


You've got questions & i've got answers.

Make sure you pick out outfits that you LOVE on yourself! Bodysuits are amazing and a really great starter piece. You can also choose a sweater or t-shirt with a cute pair of undies, or a robe to start things off! Aerie has some great pieces, of course there's Victoria's Secret too. Target also has some really cute sets! Also TopShop, Free People, and Nordstrom Rack. 

What should I wear?

Sure do! If you'd like me to come to you, we can definitely arrange that.

do you travel?

$275! The booking fee is non-refundable and there will be a second payment due 3 days before your session (remaining amount depends on which collection you choose)!

what's the deposit?

Nope! Hair & makeup is always included, Of course you don't have to take advantage of it, but I highly encourage it. This is your day, let yourself be pampered - you deserve it!

if i don't want hair & makeup, does the price go down?

You have the option to sign a model release, but you are by no means obligated to! I'll only post photos with your permission.

How private are my photos?

+ High waist adds a slimming effect
+ High cut lengthens legs
+ Tighter is better - if a piece is too loose, it will create weird lines in different poses
+ Look for colors that contrast against your skin tone!

what should i keep in mind when shopping for outfits?