Do you have pricing tiers for your business?

January 9, 2020

Pricing tiers are my new favorite thing. About a month ago, I began playing around with ideas of how I could create more tiers in my pricing structure; I wanted to experiment with the idea to see if it would bring in more clients. Low and behold, it worked!

If you’re not already, I want to challenge you to create streams of income that are low-range, mid-range, and high-range when it comes to your pricing.

Here’s what I mean by that:


These are products like PDF’s, mini courses, or presets that you can offer in an online shop. You want to keep these offers at $100 or less. The point is to give your audience bite-sized content that they’re not as cautious to invest in (since it’s not “expensive”), because you want to get them in the door with you. If they’ve enjoyed their experience with these products, they’ll be much more likely to invest with you again on a higher level.


These are your offers that are still an investment, but fall in the middle of your pricing scale. Maybe they’re virtual coaching sessions, your portrait sessions, or online courses. They could also be add-on’s such as: albums, retouching, or adding a second shooter for a wedding.


These are your high-level offers. The ones that require a high investment, a commitment from your clients who really want to work with you and trust what you have to offer. Maybe that’s weddings, a group coaching program, or a mastermind. You’ll probably find that most of these offers will be at least $1,000 or more.

Now you may be thinking, “But Jo, what about freebies and serving our audience with free content? Doesn’t that still matter?”

Yes! 100%. I’m a big advocate for nurturing your audience with free content as well, when done the right way. You don’t want to give alllllll of your insight away for free. Here are a few ideas for educating your audience prior to them making any investments:

  • Freebies that align with your mid-range offers. For instance, I’m creating a “What to Wear” guide for my boudoir gals, which I’ll also circulate on Pinterest and promote on my socials to encourage sign-ups for my newsletter (where I can warm them up to my sessions even more and ultimately lead to more direct sales)
  • Sharing tips & strategies on your Instagram stories and in your captions. You could plan out your captions based on a theme, if that helps. For instance, maybe one week you schedule all of your captions to center around the topic of “Creating a rock-solid marketing plan for your Instagram”. Or, you could split one caption into two parts, for example: “How I Pivoted My Business (1/2)”.
  • Utilize your blog! This is a prime space to not only share recent favorites from client sessions, but to also educate your audience and share some of your personal life as well (ie: travel re-caps, book recs, or important milestones).

Did you enjoy these tips?! We can totally dig in even deeper and create a personalized strategy for you with one of my coaching sessions if you’d like! Get in touch with me here to set one up!



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