Gabi & Justin | Burlington, VT

February 6, 2019

Gabi and I met when we were probably around 8 years old. Our families camped next to each other at summer camp and just so happened to both have two girls that were the same age as each other. Her sister and my sister became best friends, and Gabi and I became best friends. We became pen pals and every summer after that we would call each other to make sure we’d be at the same week for summer camp. Everyone knew that where she went, I went, and vice verse. I have so many good memories with this girl. Tubing, gushing about our first crushes, having intimate God-talks. To have photographed such a special day for her was the biggest honor.

Gabi wore a necklace her grandma gave her, which had been gifted to her by Gabi’s grandpa on their 10th anniversary. “It’s a real diamond!” Gabi told me excitedly, so honored to be wearing a piece with so much meaning to it. She also wore Justin’s mom’s veil. “It’s so funny,” she told me, “because I made a joke to Justin that I could just wear his mom’s veil to save money, and then I saw it and was like uhhhhh I should actually wear that!!”

When we got to the ceremony we all sung “It is well” and you could feel God’s presence in the room. Gabi belted out the lyrics from the front of the room where her & Justin stood holding hands, and it took me back to when we were kids at summer camp when she would sing with everything she had during campfire worship.

Their friends shared throughout the day about how much these two fought being attracted to each other, but it was too hard to ignore. There was just something about the other that kept pulling them back. And I’m so glad they chose each other.

I was so close to crying a million times during the day. I kept thinking about how much Gabi’s friendship has meant to me over the years. Remembering talks we had about boyfriends and how she wanted a godly man. How much she prayed for that. I remember first hearing about Justin, about how caring and kind he was. He sounded like the best one yet, and when they got engaged I screamed in the car and immediately called her with overwhelming excitement in my voice. When I finally got the chance to meet him a couple of months ago, it was the best confirmation that he was the one for Gabi. These two fit each other so well, they are so aligned and head over heels for each other.

It was the biggest honor to photograph their wedding – on New Years Day, no less! Talk about an awesome way to kick off 2019. And as always, I couldn’t have had more fun capturing their day without my own best friend by my side.

This six pence has been in Justin’s family for generations – every bride wears it in her shoe on the wedding day!

This was the last shot I took as we were on our way out and I think it’s one of my favorites. It represents them and their closeness so well. Love you guys so much!

Venue: Garden Barn at Lang Farm

Greenhouse: University of Vermont Greenhouse

Hors d’oeuvres: Jericho Cafe and Tavern

Cookies: Vermont Cookie Love

Cake: Red Poppy Cakery

Dress: BHLDN

Tux: Needleman’s

Florist: Chappell’s florist



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