How To Create Financial Abundance w/ Tatiana Garcia

July 30, 2020

Everything that was ever created in this world began as a thought. Isn’t that insane? Without our thoughts, nothing would exist beyond what arises naturally. The greatest power we have as humans is the power of our thoughts, and Tony Robbins packaged it perfectly when he said “Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life.”

This is true for anything in life, and I want to show you how you can use the power of thought to live in a mindset of financial abundance, especially when your reality doesn’t line up with that. To believe in financial abundance is to truly believe that you are worthy of having anything you want in this world. It is to believe that money can flow freely into your life if you just believe and allow it to. The practice of thinking abundantly is easily done, but it’s the consistency of thinking abundantly that will bring those thoughts to fruition.

So, how can we apply this mentality to your finances? Shift your mindset from one of scarcity to one of abundance! Let me show you how:

1. Stop saying you can’t afford things

This is an incredibly dis-empowering mentality. To say that you’re too poor or that you cannot afford something is to say that you have no control over your financial situation. Remember, what you speak into the world will eventually become (or remain) your reality. When you find yourself thinking that you cannot afford something, your subconscious hears that, agrees (because you’re the boss), and validates your belief. 

Re-frame your mindset and adjust your language. Instead of saying “I’m broke, I can’t afford that” say: 

“I don’t have the money for that right now. How can I afford it?”. 

A simple tweak in your language forces you to think, creating possibility, and expanding your perspective. The former sentence displays a scarcity mindset, while the latter displays an abundance mentality. There’s more than enough money in this world for you– you just have to figure out how to get it. 

2. Nothing is too expensive for you– it’s just not in the plan

I am a big pusher of plans… I’m a plan pusher. 

A plan is simply an upgraded budget. The plan is all-encompassing; it includes your personally meaningful goals (financial, spiritual, mental, nutritional), your daily schedule, and your distribution of finances. All 3 need to work together in harmony to ensure that your plan is running smoothly. 

Whenever you are considering a purchase, disregard the price for a moment. Instead, ask yourself “Is it in the plan? Will it get me closer to my personally meaningful goals? Will this purchase bring me joy?” If your answer is YES, then the next step is to determine if you have room to create a mini-plan within the OG plan. Ask yourself questions like:

  • How much money do you need to earn & save every week in order to make said purchase? 
  • Do you need to re-allocate funds? 
  • Is this small purchase delaying or derailing your OG plan? 
  • By what date would you like to make the purchase? 
  • What roadblocks do you foresee getting in the way of this plan? 

Side note: I say disregard the price for a very important reason. When you strip an item of its price, you’re able to look at it purely from a value-add standpoint. How much value will this purchase add to your life? Envision yourself with the product or service, and if you feel a strong pull towards it, you can then take into consideration the cost. 

A person with an abundant mindset is one who has complete certainty and confidence that they can and will acquire the money they need to have the life they desire. Believing that something is too expensive comes from a place of fear (scarcity) instead of a place of confidence (abundance). 

And if it’s NOT in the current plan and you DON’T want to create a mini-plan to make space for it, awesome! This product or service was a great trigger for you to revisit your plan and get realigned with what IS important to you. 

Remember, nothing is too expensive or too out of your reach. It’s just not in the plan…yet

Tatiana is a Millennial Finance & Credit Coach, on a mission to guide young women towards financial independence. Tatiana was a financial advisor and credit analyst for two Fortune 500 companies, where she soon realized how disempowered her communities were because they lacked proper financial and credit education. Through personal finance education & credit repair, Tatiana coaches millennials on how to leverage their finances and credit score to build the financial independence they deserve. You can find her on Instagram @tatianagrx for more juicy content!



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