Leslie & Bradley | Chicago, IL

March 26, 2019

“We were best friends for 2 years but we always kinda knew,” Leslie told me as we walked around downtown Chicago. Bradley chimed in, “I always knew.”

They met in college and when the time was right, they took their friendship to the next level. And then to the next, and now this July they’ll take it to the best.

It was so fun to see first hand how well they fit together. You can only get so much of an idea through social media; I could tell that they were good together but it wasn’t until we met in Chicago that I was like YEP, they’re *definitely* each other’s person.

We walked around downtown exploring Michigan Ave and popped in a cafe for a few photos at the end (those just might be my favorite shots from our entire time together – such a good way to end the session!)

I’m so happy for you guys, Leslie & Bradley! Thank you so so much for asking me to be your photographer.

I’d love to celebrate with you, too! If you’re getting married on a Friday or Sunday you can find more details here & contact me for availability!



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