Let’s Talk About Your Period with Berrion L. Berry

June 30, 2020

Berrion’s Journey

  • Started in January 2019 after finding out that periods aren’t supposed to be painful
  • During her journey of hypothalamic amenorrhea and HBC (hormonal birth control) she’s has been able to not only heal her own body and period but also teach other women how to have pain-free periods and having a life

Periods Are More than Physical

  • Healing your period is much deeper than physical pain
  • Physical pain is a manifestation of something happening in a cellular level (i.e. negative emotions about having a period)
  • Believe it or not, our narrative and emotions around our periods not just relate to our business or lifestyle, but also our cycles too. It’s just as important to work on our mental and inner work around the way we think about what it means to be a woman and our periods. Inner beliefs impact everything else. 

The 4 Phases of a Menstruation Cycle*

Phase 1 (Day 1-5) Menstruation

  • Low energy levels
  • Allow your body to restore during this time

Phase 2 (Day 6-10) Follicular

  • The reconnect phase
  • Hormones begin to pick up again

Phase 3 (Day 11-18) Ovulation

  • You feel GREAT and ready to take on the world
  • Do ALL THE THINGS during this phase and execute what you can (perfect time for launch!)

Phase 4 (Day 19-28) Luteal

  • The classic PMS symptoms
  • Be sure to relax and give yourself a bit of loving during this time

Hypothalamic amenorrhea

  • When your period goes MIA on you
  • Even though you don’t have a period your body will still be trying to regulate itself (i.e. bloating and cramps)
  • Tips to get your period back: 1) Asses anxiety and stress levels first. Learn how to respond and not react to everything, 2) Start tracking your emotions on a daily basis (you can track based on your emotions), 3) Watch what you eat aka ‘lean clean and green’ (protein, healthy fat, and fiber at every meal). 

Hormonal Birth Control & Withdrawal Periods

  • These “period bleeds” aren’t actually your period, they’re called ‘Withdrawal Bleeds’
  • What HBC does: It prevents the communication from your brain to your ovaries to increase the hormones to release your egg. 
  • Can you still track your cycles? Yes! Track and monitor your emotions. However, keep in mind that HBC has synthetic hormones which is why you may have terrible mood swings

Recommended Apps to track periods: 

  • Clue App ($4.99 USD)
  • Apple Health App

Menstruation Colors

  • Your period is your 5th vital sign
  • Colors range from bright red to purple or grey 

10 Day Period Plan (What to eat before your period)

  • 10 days before: Take more Omega-3s (eat your avocado every day)
  • 7 days before: Pick one to keep, one to tweak and one to kick out of coffee (did you know espresso has less caffeine than a cup of coffee?), sugar (replace candy for frozen fruits), and alcohol
  • Cravings are a language! If you crave chocolate, it’s your body needing the nutrients like calcium and vitamin D that are found in chocolate



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