Ecclesiasties 9:10

"Whatever your hands find to do,
do it with all your might."

I’ve been in your shoes. I remember agonizing over wedding details, how busy life got, the excitement and every other emotion you experience. But, when everything was said and done, the thing that we valued the most (aside from our marriage) was our photographs. Wedding days’ fly by. You want someone you can trust to capture the parts of the day you experienced and the parts you had no idea were happening. It’s because of how fast a wedding day flies by that makes photographs all the more valuable. 

You’ve probably never had a wedding before so everything is new to you. I’ve photographed multiple weddings and will walk you through everything you can expect from me! I’ll help you curate a good timeline, give you styling advice + options for your engagement session, scout out the venue for the best spots to take photos, and so much more. On the big day I’ll be there by your side for all of the big, small, and in-between moments. Anything I can do to make your life easier, I’ve got you covered!

My favorite couples are those who are unapologetically themselves. The ones who know they’ve got something good and they’re not going to take it for granted.

I’m not about traditional poses and arranging you to look like someone you’re not.

I’m about cultivating an atmosphere that truly reflects you. One that makes you comfortable because it’s what you enjoy most. I’ll get to know you personally before the big day. For your engagement sessions, we’ll pretty much be on a friend-date and I’ll just be taking photos of the two of you in your element. That’s all. Just us getting to know each other and having a fun time while I snap some photos along the way.

If you value life – if you value each other – and you truly value photography, then we’re the best fit. 

You’ve got something special. And I’d be stoked to photograph the heart of it for you.

Joelle is easily the best professional photographer I have ever had the pleasure of working with. It’s amazing how she can literally make any image you have in mind a reality, and while doing that, she makes it so much fun. She was so respectful and blended right into the background without disrupting the ceremony at all, yet somehow still managed to take stunning pictures...I could not imagine recommending anyone else."

"I could not imagine recommending anyone else."

Janelle & Mark

We Would Be Great Together.