Money Mindset with Millenial Money Coach, Chloe Elise

June 24, 2019

I’m excited to introduce Chloe Elise, The Millennial Money Coach, on this episode of Heart 2 Heart. She helps millennials, pay off debt, build a bank account, while getting ahead with money and not feel stuck. Chloe is sharing her story of how she paid off $36,000 of debt in just 18 months and the steps she took to make that happen. She explains how to optimize over sacrificing while still being able to live your day to day life.

Money Mindset

Chloe was your average college kid. She worked a bunch of part time, entry level jobs like babysitting and working in her college mailroom. But she had no money and nothing to show for it. She was getting fed up and frustrated with her current situation. She was having meltdown after meltdown and kept asking herself, “why is it so hard?” Chloe found herself being mad at her friends because she had to work and pay for everything herself. She was blaming everyone else for her money situation. Chloe finally decided to take control of her finances. She started reading books, taking courses and working with different people trying to figure out where she went wrong.

What she discovered was all finance information was outdated. All she could find was information for her parent’s generation. She could not find any information targeted toward millennials on finance. She struggled with finding the right balance of the logical stuff when it comes to finances, having a strategic plan and the mindset vision manifestation.

Optimize Over Sacrifice

I asked Chloe, what can millennials can do to get control of their finances. What she said was, “optimize over sacrifice.” She gives three solid tips, “change your mindset around money, know your number and break it down into digestible goals, spend in a way that serves you instead of unconsciously spending.” If you want that shirt that makes you feel great about yourself, get the shirt. But at a discount!

More from This Episode

Chloe Elise built her business with the mission to show millennials that they can have 100% financial freedom. Chloe teaches you to have a positive relationship around money. She has learned to overcome those self-sabotaging thoughts of being stuck with debt her entire life. She teaches “if you don’t believe it’s possible for you, you’ll never take the right action in order to do it.”

She’s sharing her entire journey with all of you as well as actionable tips that you can start using today. Press play to get all the good nuggets on how to become debt free.

Hangout with Chloe on Instagram,, to stay on top of the best tips on becoming debt free.



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