Our Trip to Norway!

June 25, 2018

A few weeks ago we visited Ålesund, Norway to photograph a destination wedding. We instantly fell in love with Norway’s scenery! It is absolutely breathtaking. Mountains and lakes everywhere you look.

We had a couple of days after the wedding to explore Ålesund and really enjoyed it! There are so many trails around town that you can hike and we explored a few of them. Anytime we go somewhere where there are hiking trails, we have to check them out!

Our favorite hiking trail was the Sukkertoppen trail. We hiked this one on our last day and the view was incredible!

And of course we had to check out some coffee shops while we were there, too! It didn’t take long to find my favorite one, Raccoon Coffee & More, located downtown. They have the best mochas! Not to mention, delicious acaì bowls and pastries. I wish I could have tried everything they had!

For lunch one day, we ate at Hoffman Café and they had a really good avocado sandwich. Definitely recommend checking them out if you ever visit!

If you plan to visit Ålesund, Norway then you should check out these spots:

Fjellstua overlook

This was actually the location of the destination wedding we photographed! It has an amazing overlook of the city, mountains, and lake. You can climb up a staircase from the edge of downtown up to the overlook and it’s not a far climb! I think it probably only took us about 15-20 minutes. They also have a cute little outdoor café for you to enjoy.

They also have a bunch of hiking trails at the top that you can explore!

The Aquarium

We didn’t go inside the aquarium but the views outside were amazing! There’s a rocky beach and you can walk their trail around to the top of an overlook that looks down on the water and rocks. We loved this spot!

And, these are some things that you should keep in mind when planning a trip to Ålesund, Norway!

  • You’ll have to pay for parking, unless you’re staying at an airbnb and get parking permission there. We stayed at this airbnb and the host was wonderful! Would definitely recommend them!
  • You also have to pay to use the bathroom pretty much anywhere you go downtown, unless you’re at a café or restaurant. I’d recommend using hotel bathrooms if you’re desparate!
  • Make sure you account for the currency exchange. Ålesund is pretty expensive, so you’ll want to be prepared!
  • Pack for the right weather! It can be rainy and cold, but thankfully we were there when it was warm and sunny!


I tried to do a little vlogging while we were traveling; you can get a better idea of what we did on our trip by watching it below!

Here are a few of my favorite photos from our trip:

This is at midnight in Ålesund, Norway.

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