Setting Boundaries To Avoid Burnout

July 28, 2020

Lately I have been talking with so many entrepreneurs where it feels like we’ve kind of gone from 0 to 100 real quick. At the beginning of the year we thought it was going to be like any other and clearly it’s been a very unique season for all of us. And for a while things felt like they were at a standstill for some of us. We had to move around, ended up treating some things like a slow season and maybe that’s not how it was for you but it seems like for a lot of us that’s kind of it played out.

And, as amazing as it is to have a lot of business again, working with people again, it can also be super overwhelming. In today’s episode, I want to break down some ways we can be protective of our time so we can run a more sustainable, long lasting business that will still bring income and still making the impact and connection with your clients and those you want to work with. 

To start things off, I want to give you a big of tough love. 

If you’re one of those entrepreneurs who has experienced a ton of growth in the last few months and people are excited to work with you, or your business has grown in other ways, but you’re feeling overwhelmed because you have more demand than you’re used to, here’s what I want to tell you that need to be said. 


I know it feels good to be at a point where we have more demand and have that confidence that people are seeing your worth. At the same time, if you don’t have the help to realistically take on the level of clientele long term without burning out, you need to raise your prices. A great way you can do this is through different pricing tiers. With pricing tiers you allow clients to “graduate” to the next level and give them a taste of what’s it like to work with you so much so that they want more. 


First, I would highly recommend you check out episode 4, Building Your Team w/ Tianna Tye to learn more about hiring help and where to start, but when you hire on the right people to work in the right areas it can be a game-changer. Since hiring my first VA, I’ve had so much more to focus on more client work that I truly love. Having her on my team that I know is going to move the needle and bring more client work has allowed me to better focus on my clients so they can have a better experience. 

Okay Joelle, but what if I’m not in season of growth yet? Don’t worry, you’ll get there. What I want you to do right now is focus on setting boundaries.

Here are a few different boundaries you can set to avoid burnout:


Once you have that down, set your ideal week next to your actual week and ask, “is there anything that can be moved out of my actual week to be more in line with my ideal week?” And try your best to create your ideal week.


If there’s anything that’s out of alignment right now, I want you ask yourself, “why is this causing me stress?” and get to the root of it. Then make the decision of whether you want to make it work or whether it’s time to let it go. 


This is where you really want to hone in on how important your weekends are and whether you want to charge more for working on the weekends or not at all. As your own boss, you get to decide what’s on your calendar and what’s not. Being protective of your time is nothing you need to apologize for because it allows you to show up and serve your clients and yourself better. You cannot serve the people around you’ll if you’re not serving yourself well. I challenge you to do an assessment of all your tasks through Toggl to track your time and realistically see how much time you’re spending in each area that maybe you can automate, outsource, or eliminate. 


These are where you alternate your weeks between client and business work. This is a great solution you can test out because it takes the pressure off of the tasks that you want to do but you never seem to have the time to do.


If you know you want to answer emails in the morning or afternoon, add those office hours in your email signature so you’re setting that expectation to those who you communicate with. 


Whether you’re in the middle of a growth season (like me) or you’re needing some tough love about setting boundaries as you’re starting out in your business, I’m giving you the key points and challenges you should know so you can run your business in a way that is sustainable and still impactful.

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