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January 9, 2018

Things to Consider for Your Honeymoon

Can you rent an Airbnb?

Rather than staying in a fancy resort, check out local Airbnb’s where you’ll be visiting. You might be able to save some dollars!

Do you want to create a gift registry for it?

You can create honeymoon registries to help pay for your getaway, too. Sites like Honeyfund or Wanderable will let you list different items on your honeymoon that you’d like help paying for. Travel, accommodations, experiences, and more.

Can you share a suitcase?

Traveling is much more enjoyable if you can pack light! Take one large suitcase and share it between the two of you if you can. You’ll be able to walk easier through the airport and beyond with only your back-packs as your carry-on.

Does the resort offer a shuttle to/from the airport? Will you need to rent a car or take a taxi?

Don’t forget about transportation! Depending on where you’re staying and traveling to, the location may offer a complimentary shuttle service to/from the airport. If not, make sure you’ve budgeted for alternative transportation.

Can you use hotel points to help pay for your stay?

If you don’t have hotel points, maybe a family member or a friend has some extra points they’d like to give you as a gift. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Do you have your passport? Does it need to be renewed?

Give yourself 8 weeks if you’re renewing or applying for a passport. And, make sure you have printed copies of it when it’s time to go!

Do you have, you know, the “goods”?

Maybe it should go without saying, but sometimes in the hustle of everything you forget the most obvious things. So, don’t forget your birth control and any contraceptives, etc. for your trip!

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