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October 5, 2017

Wedding Planning Sucks. You Don’t.

Real Talk? Wedding planning sucks. I know, I know, I’m probably supposed to say something encouraging and sweet to help motivate you in this transition of your life…but, I’m going to be real with you instead. So, real talk? Wedding planning sucks. But, you don’t.

Honest to God, wedding planning stressed me the mess out. I’m pretty sure I have a small form of PTSD from it. I have mad respect for wedding planners now, and I highly recommend hiring one for yourselves if possible. The more stress you can relieve for yourselves, the better.

I realized from the get-go that wedding planning comes with a lot of added responsibilities & drama, pretty much everywhere you look. And, I’m a people-pleaser so that made everything worse. Everyone has their own opinions & suggestions for you, money is a pretty big priority, and planning takes up the majority of your time. And, I couldn’t handle it sometimes.

But, the reason I’m telling you all of this isn’t to complain about it. It’s because I know that I’m not the only bride who’s struggled with these issues. These are real-life issues that every bride encounters in some way or another. And, I want you to know that you’re so not alone.

Listen to me: you are not a crazy person. You may be crazy in love, but you are not a crazy person. You are such a special soul, and you are doing such an incredible job. The fact that you are planning a wedding with your best friend is incredibly admirable to me. It takes a certain level of bravery and “I don’t give a what” ’s to do that.

While the rest of the world (read: your friends, family, peers, etc.) may tell you that you need to do this, not to forget about that, make sure you have this…I promise you’re doing amazing. And your wedding is going to be all kinds of spectacular!

I want to relieve some of the stress you may be feeling, so click here to download an e-book I wrote specifically for you. It holds some fun stress-reliever ideas, sweet & honest truths, and ways you can enjoy wedding planning and not begrudge it.

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that you’re marrying your best friend. That is truly something to celebrate about! You’ve got this boo, I’m cheering for you!

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