What a Boudoir Session is Like with Me

October 16, 2018

Hey girl hey! I’m really excited about this blog post because it gives you a lil’ inside look at my boudoir sessions!

Here’s how the day unfolds:

First, you’ll arrive to have your hair & makeup done by my awesome team. I include hair & makeup with every session (it’s complimentary which means it doesn’t affect the price!), so I highly encourage you to let yourself be pampered! You deserve it. You won’t know what hit you – you’ll look in the mirror and think a supermodel is looking back at you (hint: you are a supermodel).

The salon is just a couple of blocks from the studio, which is where we’ll head next! Oh, PS, I’ll meet you at the salon first!

Once we’re at the studio, I’ll ask you to show me what you brought and probably lose my mind over how cute the pieces are (I’m kind of a sucker for lingerie…#justbeinghonest). I’ll give my suggestions on what we should start with first and then we’ll go from there!

I do have an assistant who helps out on shoots by taking behind the scenes for me. If you’re uncomfortable with your face showing, we can always crop it out or place an emoji over it! She’s the sweetest thing and we’ll both respect your privacy.

We’ll have music playing the entire time – I have a special playlist that really helps get the jitters out and we’ll all probably start dancing and singing to some throwbacks at one point. There may be some tunes that will bring a bit of nostalgia into the room (gotta love some classic 2000’s).

Your session itself will be no more than an hour long. We’ll do a variety of poses during that time and I’ll give you direction on all of that! I’ll demonstrate and talk you through where to place each limb so that you look amaaaaaaazing.

When we finish up your session, you’ll be able to grab lunch somewhere or see the town. There’s lots to do in Bloomington! 4th street has so many good restaurants, and there’s a handful of coffee shops to hang (I personally love Hopscotch & Pourhouse!).

You’ll be able to come back after an hour to view the photos. No, that wasn’t a typo! One hour later and you’ll be able to see the images of your beautiful self.

You’ll be able to choose all of the images you’d like to keep, and I’ll show you the albums I offer so you can order a gift or keep an heirloom for yourself! Products will arrive to your doorstep within 4 weeks!

That’s it! I love all parts of my business but boudoir has become close to my heart. The impact it’s made has been incredible. If you’ve been on the fence about booking a session, girl just do it. It is one of the greatest gifts you can ever give yourself.

Email me at JoelleElizabethPhotography@gmail.com for the details & scheduling!

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