What to Wear for Your Engagement Photos

April 3, 2018

As a woman, I endure that daily struggle of raiding my closet and creating a new kind of carpet every day with the array of clothes I throw down. It can be a struggle sometimes. But, I absolutely love fashion and I understand its importance. My grandmother was a sharp dresser and I like to think that I got a lot of my fashion-forward mindset from her. She wouldn’t leave the house without a stylish pantsuit on, her hair curled, and a fresh set of makeup – especially fresh lipstick. Like Oscar Wilde said, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”

As a photographer, a lot of my couples began to ask me those four words: “What should we wear?!” I thought about it, and decided to take this matter to Alyssa Doorhy of CoChic Styling in Chicago, IL. She was incredible! I learned so much from her and I’m excited to pass her wisdom on to you.

What to Choose First

In the winter time, Alyssa says you should choose your coat first. You’re going to have that on if you’re taking photos outside the whole time.

For women, she always suggests a coat with a belt because it cinches your waist. Likewise, opt for thin layers for a more fitted (but warmer!) look.

Scarves also look great in photos because they add dimension, but you don’t want them to be too bulky and you want to make sure they’re away from your face.

For guys, same thing. Thin layers and a tailored coat.

Colors that Complement Your Skin Tone

If you are light skinned then stick to jewel tones (emerald greens, magentas, sapphire blue), even black. For darker skin tones, bright colors will really make your skin pop.

Should You Color-Coordinate?

Yes, but stay away from matchy-matchy. Maybe there’s one element that you’re bringing into both outfits. For example, the guy may be wearing a plaid shirt that has blue in it and the girl wears a blue shirt. I do recommend that one person pick out their outfit first, and then you pick out the other outfit based on that.


Obviously you’re going to wear your engagement ring, so make sure that stands out. Don’t wear gloves.

Earrings are a nice added touch.

For warmer seasons, you have more versatility for accessorizing. If you’re wearing something with a plain neckline then put on a fun statement necklace. It’s also nice to wear your every day jewelry because you want it to be you.

​A bracelet sometimes looks nice with the ring as well, as long as it doesn’t outshine the ring.

Looking Taller in Photos

Heels elongate your legs. Making sure your pants hit at the thinnest part of your ankle will make your legs look longer.

You can also wear a shorter dress/skirt with heels.

​Long lines, such as a long coat that hits you in a flattering spot.

Don’t Forget!

Shoes are oftentimes an afterthought. Do your shoes match? Are they in good shape?

It’s best to stay more classic than trendy. Trends will come and go, and these photos will be with you forever.

What you wear will also depends on where you’re photographing your engagement photos. If you’re having trouble figuring out locations for your engagement shoot, read about my suggestions for that here.

Have fun!! And be you! This is such an exciting time, enjoy it as much as you can.


Alyssa is one of the sweetest people I’ve met. After meeting with her, I’m absolutely confident that she would be able to help  you with your fashion needs!

She’ll help you define your personal style and save you valuable time and money, while also making you feel comfortable and exceeding your expectations of what fashion can be in your life. Fashion doesn’t have to be fussy and challenging; it can be fun and expressive!

W | www.cochicstyling.com
IG | @cochicstyling
E | alyssa@cochicstyling.com
P | 630.707.9013


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