Why I Photograph Boudoir

October 4, 2018

I grew up in a pretty conservative home. Growing up I was taught that I should cover my body and practice modesty, which I did for a long time – and still do. It took years for me to feel comfortable enough to wear a bikini during the summer time. And when I did brave one in public, I was acutely aware of the impact it had on some of my friends who were self-conscious about their bodies, too. They’d instantly begin comparing their skin to mine and that was enough to make me want to cover up real quick. Even though I knew they’d still be comparing our bodies whether or not I had a cover-up on.

When I was in college I remember having conversations in my art classes about whether or not Beyoncé was a good role model by boldly taking and sharing nude photos of herself for ad campaigns and magazine covers. At the time it made me uncomfortable because I perceived it as immodest and a little too “out there” per se. But, I get it now. It’s her body and if she wants to celebrate it in that way, then all the power to her.

Last year I got engaged, and then married. It was around that time that I began to sorta kinda play around with the idea of dipping my toes in the water of boudoir to see what it was like. Why? I think a lot of it had to do with marrying my best friend. There’s something so beautiful about the way someone you love sees you. Your least favorite part of yourself is their favorite feature. They see no flaws. Only beauty. DANG, GIRL!!

Listen, I know that not everyone has someone like that in their life which is why I ultimately took the leap and have had ZERO regrets since. Even if you do have someone like that in your life, it definitely doesn’t hurt to have one more person to speak love and confidence over you.

It’s been nothing short of riveting to see the impact boudoir has made for other women since I began offering it this year. I’ve had women message me that they cried when they saw their images. I’m pretty sure that all of them have told me afterwards that they never felt so beautiful. It’s been life-giving.

That’s why I do boudoir. Honestly, I really love it. I think it’s a beautiful movement to celebrate our bodies and be proud of who we are. And, I’ll be honest, I personally would love to have photos of myself to look back on in 50 years and remember how incredible my body was. These bones and limbs won’t be young forever!

There are so many reasons why I’d encourage you to do a session…to remember the now, to feel more confident in your own skin, to celebrate the fact that you gave freaking birth!! And of course it makes a spicy & fun gift for your special someone, but I want the main reason that you do a session to be because you’re doing it for you.

Sure, it’s a risk. But, without risk there’s no reward. And believe me, it’s a really spectacular reward.

Want to learn more about my boudoir sessions? Email me at JoelleElizabethPhotography@gmail.com for the details and scheduling!

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