Why You Should Consider an Unplugged Honeymoon

February 5, 2018

When the idea of an unplugged honeymoon was first suggested to me, I admittedly balked at it. As a photographer who continuously uses Instagram to promote my business and share bits and pieces of my personal life, one of the things I enjoy sharing with my viewers the most is the places I get to travel to. I like the idea of creating an online experience for my followers; videos and photos that will give them something beautiful to look at and enjoy, too. However, as I thought about it more, I realized how beneficial it could be. For one, I spend hours on my phone and laptop working every day. My eyes could use a little vacation. And for two, I wanted to take advantage of the quality time I was about to have with my hubs!

We went to Jamaica for our honeymoon and both agreed beforehand that we didn’t want to use our phones while we were there. No texting home or posting on social media. Just us. No third wheels.

Setting our devices to the side for that one week made such a huge difference! We learned more about each other and enjoyed life without the usual distractions. We could just ‘be’.

Our vacation was so much more meaningful because we gave each other our presence. You gain so much freedom when you let go of all of the distractions and simply be. It made a significant impact in my workflow once we returned home, too. My mind was racing with ideas & inspiration, and I had renewed motivation to exceed expectations by giving 110% to projects & work commitments. So, take it from me when I say going unplugged for a week will do wonders for you!

I realize not everyone will want to participate in an unplugged honeymoon, and I’m not saying you have to. But, it is something you should consider and talk about before you go. Even if it’s as simple as both of you deciding to leave your phones in the room when you go to meals and/or activities…you’ll notice a difference. If you’re on the fence about it, try challenging yourself to go unplugged for the first two days and then go from there!

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