Pitching Yourself to Brands with Kahlea Nicole

June 24, 2019


Kahlea Nicole is a Business Coach who helps women monetize their passions & leverage their influence. She is a full time college student from St. Pete, Florida studying marketing and international business. She is the CEO of Gal Getaway and has transitioned into being a business coach for millenial women over the last six months. She is teaching you how to reach out to brands the right way and do it successfully.

Know Your Audience

“If you’re speaking to everyone, you’re speaking to know one”. The first step you need to take before seeking a partnership with any brand is knowing your audience. Kahlea makes this the first step in marketing yourself. Once you know your audience, you can figure out what brands align with your brand pillars and how these brands can benefit from working with you.

Pitching a Partnership

How can you set yourself apart from everyone else? Kahlea is giving her best kept secrets on how to stand out from the crowd. There is more to pitching then “ I love your stuff, let’s work together.” Kahlea emphasizes how to show these brands the “value” you bring to the table. She talks about researching the products or content of brands you want to collaborate with so it’s a “mutually beneficial campaign.” What can you bring to the table. She’s also teaching quality or quantity when it comes to pitch emails.

More From This Episode

Kahlea Nicole is teaching everyone her best tips on engagement, analytics, follow up emails and how to get paid by brands by proving your worth. Kahlea is the absolute sweetest and we had so much fun talking together, I think you’re going to really love this one! Tune in to this episode to learn from one of the best!










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