we're jo & lyndon

its nice to meet you!

We love adventure - some of our favorite trips have been to Arizona, Montana, & South Africa.

We share the same birthday, we're always reading, we love the great outdoors and we love our coffee. 

Believe it or not, we're both introverts so we thrive off of one-on-one connection. We can't wait to get to know and work with you!

P.S. if you like Starbucks keep scrolling for the #joblend recipe - its so good.

Get to know your new hype squad:
5. go-to starbucks drink?
2. Top 3 books we recommend...
1. our ideal day would be...
3.    Beach  or    Mountains?
4. On our travel list…

That's right, we're kicking things off with a quiz

the jo blend, venti
Costa Rica
Amalfi Coast
Think Again by Adam Grant
Secrets of six-figure women by Barbara Stanny
No Rules Rules by Reed Hastings & Erin Meyer
Waking up in a cabin, starting our morning with a latte and a book, working on whatever we want, and spending the afternoon by the water.

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