I'm Joelle Elizabeth

but you can call me Jo

I'm a Chicago-based brand-oir* photographer & coach just wondering how soon I can order pizza again.

Consider me your number one hypegirl; I'll be the one cheering you on and encouraging you to not hold back. With over a decade of experience under my belt, I'll provide you with an experience that is FUN and celebrates you.

P.S. Ask me about the #joblend if you like Starbucks - it's so good.

*Brand-oir = Branding + Boudoir Photographer

Get to know your new hypegirl
5. go-to starbucks drink?
2. Top 3 books I recommend...
1. my ideal day would be...
3.    Beach    or  Mountains?
4. On my travel list…

That's right, we're kicking things off with a quiz

the jo blend, venti
Costa Rica
How to get shit done
The e-myth revisited
Where the crawdads sing
Waking up by the beach, starting my morning with a latte and a book, working on whatever I want, and spending the afternoon by the water.

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