On today’s episode of The Jo Show, we’re talking AAALLLL about making those money moves friends. Super excited to be hosting a very special guest for this episode as well, the incredible Melanie Aubert! I love her dearly and I know you all will as well. Let’s dive in! A LITTLE ABOUT MEL Mel is […]

Whit wanted to do both a boudoir & branding session and we did just that!! She brought some cute props (just look at that adorable mug from Anthropologie!) and we had a blast creating some lifestyle content for her to use for her business. Whit is a coach for network marketers and I absolutely love […]

Steph Weber is a brand strategist based in Arizona, and she is quite the powerhouse. Steph is so full of wisdom and everything she lays hands on, turns to gold. Today Steph is sharing with us how our fears can cripple our decision making and how to overcome some of the fear tendencies we experience. […]

Sydney is such a ray of sunshine!! This babe brings so much joy to the room when she walks in. She requested that we take a few photos au natural before glamming her up and I love that she did!! She also brought ME a sweet lil’ gift – this girl knows how to make […]

Peloton Review

Aug 18, 2021

We’ve had our Peloton for almost a year now and we LOVE it. Some of you may remember that I used to go to Orange Theory quite regularly. However, when the pandemic hit classes went away & when they did return the times hardly ever worked for me. Lyndon and I were also both working […]

Do you remember the episode in season two with a gal by the name of Karsen Murray who runs a company called Hype Gal Co? If you said yes, surprise surprise! She’s back with us today to chat about all things emails… again! Everyone enjoyed that episode so much so we decided to bring it […]

I LOVED working with this babe. Carolyn is such a gem! We kicked off her session with Starbucks while our hair & makeup glammed her up, and then we got the party started! She. Crushed. It. 🤩 Here are some of my faves from her session. Ready to book your boudoir session? You can find […]

Welcome back to another season of The Jo Show! So incredibly excited to share all things new and spend time with you each week.  On today’s episode I wanted to take a moment to go over everything new in my life & business.  BUILDING A TEAM Something I learned over the past several months is […]

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