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We recently hosted a team retreat with our social media manager, Taylor, in Indianapolis and it was so fun! You can hear a full recap of what we did & talked about over on the podcast. We stayed at the Terrace Haus in Indianapolis which was the perfect spot to be together. It truly added […]

As branding photographers, we love creating for other entrepreneurs, and we also create consistently for our own marketing platforms! In order to keep things efficient and organized, we’re big fans on having things mapped out as much as possible before the photoshoot begins. Here’s an inside look at what our process looks like: First, We […]

As creative entrepreneurs we use a handful of programs on a weekly basis that play a part in generating content, running our business, and streamlining client communication. Curious what programs we use? We’re spilling all the beans… Airtable We use Airtable to organize all of our content ideas. As you can see in the screenshot […]

Lets talk about Content Analysis, aka: my favorite marketing hack ever. First: What’s a content analysis? A content analysis is when you analyze your content (in this post we’ll be talking about Instagram specifically) to see which content pieces are performing the best. This is super duper insightful for you to know which pieces of […]

Building a brand is one of the best ways to build loyalty and connect with your target audience. Your brand is what hooks people in and keeps them paying attention. How do you build an unforgettable brand? There are a few key ways. Let’s chat about them: Start with how you want people to feel: […]

This is probably the first time I’ve done a more in-depth year in review for our business and wow, SO HELPFUL. Here’s what we found, our takeaways, and what we’re focusing on moving forward. WE SET OURSELVES UP: One of the best things I did at the beginning of this year was begin tracking our […]

If you’ve been following us for quite some time over at Jo & Co, you probably know that we’re big Asana users when it comes to all things project management + teamwork organization. While we still use Asana for several tasks within our business, we recently made an exciting switch over to Airtable! If you’re […]

Welcome to Next Level November!! This month of The Jo Show Podcast we’re bringing you new episodes around sales & money…👀 Before we dive in, let’s do some reflection work! For Next Level November start by asking yourself these questions: What’s your next level? What do you need to have in place? Who do you […]

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