Working from home is my bread and butter. Being an full-time entrepreneur for the past three years, I’ve become pretty used to it. If you’re not used to it though, it can feel pretty weird at first. Here are a few tips to stay productive and enjoy it more!             Create a Routine & […]

Pricing tiers are my new favorite thing. About a month ago, I began playing around with ideas of how I could create more tiers in my pricing structure; I wanted to experiment with the idea to see if it would bring in more clients. Low and behold, it worked! If you’re not already, I want […]

Admitting my big goals for 2020 out loud & feeling real excited about it! What are your goals for next year? I’d love to know!

At the beginning of this year, I could feel change coming. Big changes. And I knew that my business was going to hit a point somewhere along the way of 2019, where it would become bigger than I ever expected. And so I began praying, “God, what do I need to have in place now […]

Last year was one of the first times in my business where I intentionally took an entire week off from work.  Wait, entrepreneurs can do that?! You bet we can. Taking that first true break for my business started a fire in my soul and began a trend for me throughout the rest of this […]

I rented Canon’s new EOS R mirrorless camera from LensRentals, as well as the new Canon RF 50mm 1.2, and here are my honest thoughts.

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. I am SO flippin’ excited to finally tell you guys this!! I’m pivoting, big time. Well, kinda big time. Really it’s not too incredibly surprising when you look at how everything has unfolded, but I’m sure it’ll come as a surprise to some of you, still. I’m stepping back […]

Sam Picks My Brain

Jul 23, 2019

Did you hear the news?! I’m launching an online course: Starting Your Photography Business! And it launches TOMORROW. You’ll only be able to sign up for the course between July 23-30, and I’m so so excited to see you guys start growing your photography business! This week’s podcast episode is a fun one. Sam put […]

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