Promise Tangeman is CEO, Creative Director and Owner of Go Live – a web design firm.  She specializes in creating and launching websites in 5 days. She believes in helping people launch what they love. Promise started his company as a freelancer in 2009. It has grown over the years to an amazing 14 team […] Kahlea Nicole is a Business Coach who helps women monetize their passions & leverage their influence. She is a full time college student from St. Pete, Florida studying marketing and international business. She is the CEO of Gal Getaway and has transitioned into being a business coach for millenial women over the last six […]

Podcasts are great for reaching a different audience – people who would rather listen than read. Batchwork, batchwork, batchwork. Have 10-15 episodes recorded before you launch On launch day, have between 3-5 episodes available so people can get a taste for what they can expect from you moving forward & get hooked Set aside a […]

Last July we moved to Bloomington, IN from Southwest Michigan, meaning that I needed to begin marketing myself to a new location. As daunting as that can sound, I’m the kind of person who gets excited about these things because I see it as a fun challenge. I decided to view it as a luxury, […]

On today’s show we have a really special guest. You may have followed them on Instagram, I’m sure most of you have, and you’ve seen their beautiful work at national parks with couples on cliffs and trails; they have some stunning work. On today’s show we have Abbi Hearne joining us of the Hearne’s Photography […]

Joelle: Welcome to the show, Alex! Alex: Thank you, thank you for having me and thinking of me for this. Joelle: Of course. I am so stoked to have you on here and to talk about SEO because, like I was telling you when we were just talking, I know nothing about it and I […]

Today on the podcast we’re talking all about planning for success. A pretty hot topic, don’t ya think? It’s my intention to bring you guys more in-depth, quality podcast topics this season and I couldn’t think of a better episode to kick things off! Know Your Definition of Success. First & foremost, you need to […]

We’re talking all about personal branding today! I know that’s a topic that some people really shy away from for different reasons, but we are going to talk all about why it can be so beneficial for your business and how it can make a really big impact for business growth. So I am excited […]

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