3 Design Mistakes You Might Be Making with Promise Tangeman

Jun 28, 2019

Promise Tangeman is CEO, Creative Director and Owner of Go Live – a web design firm. 

She specializes in creating and launching websites in 5 days. She believes in helping people launch what they love. Promise started his company as a freelancer in 2009. It has grown over the years to an amazing 14 team members.

Promise is talking about the 3 most common design mistakes and tips on how to attract your ideal client with your website. 

3 Most Common Design Mistakes

Who is your Ideal Client Creating a website and brand that reflects your personal style and brand aesthetic not your ideal clients. To fix that would be to really consider who is your ideal client, who are you marketing to, and then try to marry their design aesthetic with yours.

Less is More Is there too much content on their website. Get rid of half the words on the page, and then get rid of half of what’s left. Leave only the most important information. Promise explains how you only need enough information on there that peaks peoples interest enough to contact you or to buy your product. 

What do you do Do you have a brand bio? Tell your website viewer, exactly what you offer, what makes you unique and different. And then how your product or service will eventually change your their life. 

You don’t want to miss this episode with Promise, she is giving valuable tips that you can implement today!


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Go Live website: golivehq.co

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