Flipping the Script on Fear w/ Steph Weber

Aug 24, 2021

Steph Weber is a brand strategist based in Arizona, and she is quite the powerhouse. Steph is so full of wisdom and everything she lays hands on, turns to gold. Today Steph is sharing with us how our fears can cripple our decision making and how to overcome some of the fear tendencies we experience. Steph is also going to shed some light on ways to work through these obstacles and determine whether it’s a valid fear or if it’s simply just another thing we’re self sabotaging. 

Steph is a dear friend of mine and a complete badass, so I am so excited to have her on the show!


Steph grew up in an entrepreneurial family as a child, but her family lost their business in the year of 2010 right before she went off to college. Steph then found herself on her own and tried to make a pathway to success for herself. 

Steph walked out of college with a career as a brand manager in the fashion and beauty industry and would later go on to create her own brand in 2016.


“In order for you to experience growth and massive impact or income, whatever your goals may be, you have to experience fear. You WILL experience fear,” Steph explains. Steph talks about the importance of taking calculated risks in order to better your life. 

Steph expresses the importance of overcoming the money mindset blocks and investing in your own education, she wants listeners to know this: “These platforms are changing all the time. If you don’t have somebody that’s guiding you as an entrepreneur and you don’t know how to do these things, how do you expect to be able to allow your business to keep up in this ever-changing space of a market? Right? So you have to continue to educate and invest and reinvest in your business, whatever that may be.”


Steph describes vision mapping as a tool entrepreneurs can use to analyze their businesses and decide which route would be the most beneficial to take in the long run. She views this from a few different standpoints, the first being from an impact standpoint. Steph urges you to think about what you want to accomplish in the near future, what kinds of clients you’ll be working with, where the business is ultimately heading. 

Steph goes on to talk about the second standpoint, which is our income, and explains the importance of setting those smart goals and making sure that the actions that you’re taking are leading you to that place. 


“Often as entrepreneurs, we get into this space of being afraid to make mistakes or being afraid to fail. Just to be quite honest, you’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to fail, and if you’re so afraid that you can’t get past it, entrepreneurship is probably not the game for you,” Steph explains.

It’s so important to focus your energy on clearing these major mindset and money blocks so you 

can create a sustainable and enjoyable business for yourself.


Play the episode to hear more about Steph and her journey in entrepreneurship. There’s more on investments, more on mindset, and more about processing and working through failures as a business owner.

Connect with Steph on Instagram @theweberco, as well as inside her Facebook group and podcast!

Connect with me on Instagram @joellelizabethandco and the website!



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