Hey boudoir photographers, here’s your email game plan! Ft. Karsen Murray

Aug 17, 2021

Do you remember the episode in season two with a gal by the name of Karsen Murray who runs a company called Hype Gal Co? If you said yes, surprise surprise! She’s back with us today to chat about all things emails… again! Everyone enjoyed that episode so much so we decided to bring it back and better than ever. 

Karsen is so incredible at showing up and serving well online. If you’re a Boudoir Photographer, tune into today’s episode to learn all about building a welcome sequence for your clients! This is for you if you’re in search of the exact action steps on how to get started and how to get your clients raving all about you and your services! 


“I think it’s an amazing way to not only build a community with your potential clients and customers, but to also nurture them and get them to commit to you,” Karsen explains. 

Using email marketing is a great way to get yourself out in front of potential clients who genuinely want to see your content.


A welcome campaign is really where you’re introducing new clients and customers to your community. “I think every part of your marketing is an opportunity to build a relationship with your ideal client or customer,” Karsen says.

Any action someone takes with your business or brand is like them saying they want to go on a date with you, they’re showing interest in you, your story, and what you have to offer them. 


It’s important to capture your ideal clients attention and make them feel seen, heard, and valued. What can you provide them? What are they looking for? What will give them value? Your goal is to bring them to the first stepping stone, then the next, then the next, until it ultimately leads them to your end game goal which is signing up for your list or buying your products.

“Say your ideal client is on Pinterest and they stumble across your blog post as they’re searching for boudoir inspo. They click through to your site and now they are seeing so much more than just that pin and blog post, they’re seeing everything you have to offer them. Then they begin to become more curious about you and how you help them when they stumble across your lead magnet or your freebie, then they begin to opt in to the full show that is your email list after feeling and experiencing the value you’ve already given them thus far,” Karsen explains. 


“Creating something free that will be of value to someone else will 9 times out of 10 cause someone to opt in,” Karsen says. People are always looking to increase their knowledge from educated entrepreneurs in any way they can, especially if it’s free. I mean, come on! Who doesn’t love free stuff? 

This circles back to our conversation about providing value to your audience. Providing helpful and thoughtful information at little to no cost every once in a while oftentimes makes your audience feel valued themselves. This shows them that you are there to guide them in the best way you can and in any way you can. Not only that, but they’ll stick around for more to come!


Play the episode to hear more about Karsen’s tips and tricks to creating a captivating email sequence to hook, line, and sink your ideal clients and customers!

Connect with Karsen on Instagram @hypegal.co as well as her HypeGal Podcast!

Connect with me on Instagram @joellelizabethandco and the website!



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