Melanie | Chicago, IL

Jun 5, 2022

If you don’t know Melanie Aubert, you need to. Being around Mel is one of the best things ever. She speaks life into you, makes you feel so loved, and inspires you to stop playing small and go after whatever that dream is tugging on your heart. And she pours all of those same feelings into her business programs & clients, too.

For her branding session we met up in Chicago to create some more high-level content for her upcoming launches and social accounts. I have so many favorites and its been so fun to see the way she’s used some of them in her marketing as well!

If you’re not following her already, check out her Instagram & Podcast to get inspired and empowered in the best of ways.

Ready to book your branding session?! Check out all the deets & inquire here!



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