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No more stressing over what to post on Instagram. We gotchu.

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Reels receive 22% more engagement than regular video content


Does this sound a little too familiar?

You're tired of DIY'ing your own photos & using whatever Pinterest photos you can find

Does this sound a little too familiar?

You know Reels are important but ugh, can someone please just tell you what to post?! It takes forever to figure it out...

Does this sound a little too familiar?

You could really use a community right now - bonus points if they share tips and inspo for Instagram marketing

YUP, that's real.

Let's be real, its suuuuper time-intensive to take your own photos, create your own graphics, or even figure out what reel you're going to create this week. Sounds exhausting just thinking about it, right?!

That's exactly why we created the Jo&Co membership 👏🏼

We want to do the heavy-lifting for you so that you can spend less time stressing over Instagram & more time doing what you love. 

in a community that cheers you on

so you can have fun with instagram again

with new content delivered each month

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Hey, we're Jo & Lyndon

We love to travel, we share the same birthday, we're always reading, love hiking & the great outdoors, and we love our coffee. ☕️☕️


Jo founded Jo&Co when she was nineteen and has led it through multiple pivots into what you see it as today. Her fave self-care activities include getting Starbucks and walking around Target, reading, & taking long baths.


Lyndon completed his MBA and MSBA at Indiana University, has experience in data & analytics and change management, and joined Jo&Co full-time in 2021. He's passionate about helping entrepreneurs thrive and loves to challenge you where it counts. In his free time you can catch him mountain biking, snowboarding, hiking or reading.

You deserve to be doing what you love,
*not* stressing out over Instagram content.

We'll set you up with content ideas & be your support system as you get it all set up. And then? Oh, we don't know...maybe getting your nails done? Hanging out with your fam? A spontaneous getaway to unplug? The choice is yours. 💕

Lets make Instagram fun again

each month you'll get:

20 Reels Ideas (5/week)

70 Detail Images

10 Customizable Graphics

We're taking reels research off of your to-do list. Every week we'll share 5 Reels you can create, complete with descriptions & ideas on how to share them. You're welcome. 😉

That's right, 70 new detail photos each month that you can use in your Instagram marketing. A mix of lifestyle, travel, marketing, seasonal, holiday, and more. 

Can we all say, #YESPLEASE?! You'll immediately gain access to 10 done-for-you graphics (that you can customize inside of Canva) each month. We're very excited to see how you use them!



Community to get support & feedback

70 monthly detail photos

10+ monthly graphics

5 Reels Ideas per week

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