Hey, dreamer!

with Katie Campbell

Jo & Lyndon

with Jess Massey

Jess and I chat about so much goodness in this episode including setting boundaries, navigating motherhood, and building a community. It's so good.

In Q1 we didn't book a client for nearly two months and today we're spilling allll our takeaways (and then some). Tune in for a peek behind the curtain.

Katie is a social media manager who came on the podcast to share her top tips for marketing yourself online. IT. IS. SUCH. A GOOD CONVERSATION. 🙌🏼

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We're Jo & Lyndon

After working with personal brands for over a decade. it’s safe to say we’ve learned a thing or two about how to show up authentically yourself (with contagious confidence!) in your branding + marketing.

Each Tuesday we release new episodes on the podcast; the topics revolve around branding, marketing, business, & mindset!! 

You’ll learn tips and strategies from yours truly, in addition to hearing incredible stories and lessons from other guests you may recognize. 🤗

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