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with Madison Anaya

Jo & Lyndon

with Jess Massey

Jess and I chat about so much goodness in this episode including setting boundaries, navigating motherhood, and building a community. It's so good.

In Q1 we didn't book a client for nearly two months and today we're spilling allll our takeaways (and then some). Tune in for a peek behind the curtain.

Mads & I talk about body image, people pleasing, pursuing happiness even when its scary, taking big leaps, and IT. IS. SUCH. A GOOD CONVERSATION. 🙌🏼

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I'm Joelle Elizabeth

I am a multi passionate entrepreneur, just like you. My husband Lyndon and I teach personal brands content strategies so that you can experience more freedom in your life & biz.

Each Tuesday, you can expect to learn strategies that you can use to grow your biz, connect with other boss babes, and end feeling more on fire for your dreams than ever before.

Hint: you'll want a notebook & some coffee for this.

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