Tori | Branding w/ a Designer

Feb 23, 2023

How do you take pictures of something that is mostly digital? This was the fun puzzle of @ToriSprankel ‘s branding session. Creating good personal branding photos is about visually showing both the person and a visual representation of what their brand does.

In our strategy call with Tori we talked about both how she was going to use the images and what props we could bring in that would represent the design work she does. This would give her great images to pare with posts around the design process, stories on days she’s designing things or even photos on her website about the services that she offers.

What we settled on was a combination of color swatches, printed fonts, examples on devices and creating an IRL mood board on the wall (also this sweet gif close to the bottom of her website home page). With the design portion being important we leaned into detail photos at every step of the session.

We love working with personal brands to find ways of visually capturing the story that their brand is telling the world. If you’re curious what that could look like for you, send us a DM on IG or you can find our branding packages here.

Hair and Makeup by @beauty_bybrigitte (complimentary for most of our packages)



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