5 Ways to Be More Productive

November 5, 2018

Productivity is a beast that we’re all trying to tame. It’s achievable but daunting. I’ve had so many women reach out to me or comment lately on how much they perceive me doing. “How do you manage it all?” they ask. I don’t. That’s the simple answer.

There are some key things that have made a world of a difference for me, though.

Get off social media. Seriously. I am the worst at this; one time when I lost my phone at SkyZone in one of their trampoline pits I begged the guy to let me search for it by saying, “I promise I’m not addicted, I just really need it for work!!” *facepalm* Thankfully I’ve found the beauty lately in placing my phone in the other room and allowing myself to get lost in my work with no distractions. You wouldn’t believe how much you can get done by doing this alone.

Ask for help. This summer I hired my virtual assistant, Rooting for You Social, and oh what a God-send she has been! The girl does so much for me. I’ve had her do everything from manage my social media to designing freebies to running the back end of top-secret projects that are in the works. And it saves me so. much. time. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If it will relieve some of the load and give you a mental break, it is beyond worth it.

Know when, where, and how you are most productive. Is it when you have a clean house? Do you work better surrounded by people and the smell of coffee? Know what your personal preferences are and then surround yourself with them. You’ll feel better, happier, and get more done.

Try batchworking. Set aside one day to work on one set of things (blog posts or editing, for example). You may find that you work best with this kind of routine – give it a try and see.

Give yourself grace. Plain and simple. You are not a super-human; nobody is. If you are overwhelmed by a heavy workload then take a look at what you can adjust. Can you raise your prices and take on less sessions, so that you still earn the same amount? Or can you extend your deadlines for when you deliver galleries so that you can have more peace of mind? Consider those things and think of what you can adjust. And then give yourself grace. Take a bubble bath, treat yourself to some Starbucks, take a nap for goodness sakes. You deserve it. Your clients will still be there, but you will feel a little more ready.

You’ve got this, I 100% believe in you and your abilities. Remember, one thing at a time. Do what’s best for you – you are so very valuable.



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