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For service providers with personal brands.


But you know that it's important & brings in sales

you can't keep up with your marketing

And can convey it for you.

you want someone who knows your brand voice

You want someone to plan, create, and post for you

you're tired of trying to come up with ideas


Yes, marketing is important and no, you don't have to post 3x/day 🙄

let us help you.

why we started the ambitious dreamer agency:

After working with numerous entrepreneurs on their marketing efforts over the past two years, we began to notice a problem.

Entrepreneurs would either come to us (Jo & Lyndon) for marketing strategy and then have trouble executing OR they would come to Taylor for social media management with no plan or clue on what or why they needed to be posting.

So we joined forces and creating a marketing solution.

What we've heard over and over from entrepreneurs is, "I need someone to tell me what to do" and "I need them to do it for me"

So we're doing just that.

Hey, we're Lyndon, Jo, and Tay! 👋🏼

This IS for you if:

You proactively communicate and respond to messages in a timely manner

You're a service provider with a personal brand

You *waste* time every week second-guessing what to post and then creating it

Social media is an afterthought even though you know posting consistently brings in more sales

You define good content as something that goes viral

You don't actually want to be involved in social media - you're just on it because everyone else is

You don’t care about forming a community online

You don't follow directions or the strategy that we give you to implement

This is NOT for you if:


what's included:



Monthly Content Planning & Strategy Call

Weekly Posting with Hashtags 

Instagram Story Graphic, Reel Editing, and Caption Writing

Monthly Analytics Report

We specialize in crafting custom marketing strategies specifically for Instagram. First, we'll do a full audit of your current approach before creating a fresh content strategy that we'll then create and post for you. 

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pricing is subject to change.
applies to a 3-month contract.


Lyndon is the Business Brains when it comes to the big picture and your operations. When he's not working, he's probably reading articles, collecting more stickers for his laptop, or gaming.


Jo is the Marketing Queen when it comes to content strategy & ideation. Outside of work you'll find her sipping Rasbperry Rose Poppi while she journals, reads, or spends time with family. 

taylor | @thesundaysocialco

Taylor is the aesthetics guru and handles all things content creation, scheduling, and posting. When she’s not creating magic in Canva, you’ll find her thrifting, reading, or cuddling with her two french bulldogs.

We each bring our own skillsets & personalities to the table:



All of our agency clients get access to a custom Notion Planning Template we've created to keep things organized and running smoothly for you. This is where we'll plan out your content each month and share monthly analytics so you can see what's performing well and where we can make improvements.

PS, Every Client Gets:

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We're Jo & Lyndon

Business Coaches for Branding Photographers; Content Creators, and the hosts of The Ambitious Dreamer Podcast.