If you’ve been following us for quite some time over at Jo & Co, you probably know that we’re big Asana users when it comes to all things project management + teamwork organization. While we still use Asana for several tasks within our business, we recently made an exciting switch over to Airtable! If you’re […]

Meagan’s boudoir session was SO FUN. This babe is a joy to be around and I was so honored she wanted to do a session with me. It was also one of the last sessions I did in my former studio space! If you missed it, we’re now traveling full-time which means…travel is now officially included for […]

Bailey is a web designer at her company Marketing Mixology and such a joy to be around! We photographed her branding session at our previous studio space in Northern Chicago. She requested that we do some shots that reflected the mixology pieces of her brand & we loved getting creative with those! You can see […]

We had so much fun working with Alison! Alison creates tumblrs and teaches others how to do the same! It was so fun to hear and see more of what she does and create some content that reflects that. We photographed her session at our previous studio space & downtown Highland Park, IL! You can […]

Kalli is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet and such an incredible photographer. Her and I first met when Lyndon & I lived in Bloomington, IN a few years ago. And then she came to our in-person business workshop this year which was such a fun time! While she was in town we […]

Boudoir sessions will ALWAYS have my heart. I love being able to celebrate you gals and provide a safe space for you. This session was so fun! We kicked things off with coffee, then hair & makeup and we all squealed at the final look. Then we started her session! She absolutely crushed it. Afterwards […]

Welcome to Next Level November!! This month of The Jo Show Podcast we’re bringing you new episodes around sales & money…πŸ‘€ Before we dive in, let’s do some reflection work! For Next Level November start by asking yourself these questions: What’s your next level? What do you need to have in place? Who do you […]

A few weeks ago we flew to Whitefish, MT to work with Steph Weber of The Weber Co (if you missed our travel recap you can read it here)! Steph is one of our recurring branding clients and we do each photoshoot in a different location. For this session we wanted cozy vibes for fall/winter […]

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