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As branding photographers, we love creating for other entrepreneurs, and we also create consistently for our own marketing platforms!

In order to keep things efficient and organized, we’re big fans on having things mapped out as much as possible before the photoshoot begins.

Here’s an inside look at what our process looks like:

First, We Create a Shot List:

Our shot list is usually a shared note on our iPhone (see example on the left) and helps SO MUCH in ensuring that we don’t forget any shots or outfits.

As you can see, we categorize the shots we want by location & then specify which outfit we want to pair with it. When it comes to your outfits, we recommend choosing a base (ie: jeans) that you can easily interchange out tops & layers for! Of course bringing a couple other outfits can be fun too, but this will bring you a wide variety in a shorter amount of time.

When thinking about the photos we want to capture, there are a couple of questions we ask ourselves:

  1. What are we promoting this month/quarter?
  2. Is there specific filler content we want to show (like background photos or things that qualify as our brand identifiers)?
  3. Are there specific themes or holidays coming up that we want to create content around? (ie: International womens day, birthdays, or spring content)

then, we choose our outfits:

Outfits play a huge part in the day! We try to keep things as simple as possible – often opting for a casual base like jeans that we can easily swap out tops & layers to give us more of a variety! If we have outfits that will require a changing room, we plan locations accordingly so that we’re not going back and forth. Speaking of locations…


We find locations that are a good fit for what we have in mind! This could be a cute airbnb, a photo studio, coffee shops, or pretty walls we find downtown. The possibilities are endless!

We did a photoshoot this week with our social media manager Tay, as part of our team retreat in Indianapolis (we’ll be doing a full break down about this on the podcast next week)! Our brand colors include peach tones and sunset colors, and this wall was perfect for it.

Ahead of time, we thought of locations that align with our brand (ie: coffee shops & pink walls), and then mapped out what time of day we wanted to photograph there. Its helpful to know when certain places will be well lit (like a coffee shop) and when others will be shaded (like city walls) so that you get the best possible outcome!


We love creating Reels and take locations into consideration when mapping out our content days! There are certain reels that fit super well in certain environments (like this example) while others could be done anywhere!

to wrap it all up, we edit & schedule our content:

We use Preview to schedule out our Instagram account (you can read more in this blog post), and its a game-changer. Tay plans it all out for us & we write the captions!

And that’s a wrap! It helps so much to plan things out ahead of time & afterwards it feels so good to have content that you can plan out for a month (or even three)!

However, if you don’t want to plan it all out and DIY it, thats exactly what we’re here for!! You can see all the details on our branding photoshoots here. We’d love to work with you!

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