Lyndsey | Polished Code | Indianapolis

Feb 14, 2023

As a website developer Lyndsey the founder of @PolishedCode has seen a lot of websites and branding images. When she approached us she knew that she was ready for something new, and we worked with her to figure out how and where to create the new vision she had in mind.

For this session that meant starting in @hotelindy for some lifestyle working photos with the views and chairs in her room. Moving up the @cannonballlounge (the rooftop bar) for some working photos with great views of Indianapolis. And ending at a studio we rented with @iandefelice and @stephnweber standing in as example clients that Lyndsey was “working” with.

Knowing you’re in need of branding photos doesn’t mean you have all the details worked out. A big part of our job as personal branding photographers is we take the time to get to know you and your business, then create a bespoke session just for you based on what is the best way of showing your brand to the world.

You can find more info on our branding packages here, or send us a DM on IG to start the convo about your next branding session.



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