Montana Travel Recap

Oct 13, 2021

Fave Shops & Restaurants:

There are lil’ drive-through coffee stands every mile or so while driving through Whitefish & its the cutest thing!

Coffee Spots We Liked:

  • Boudoir Bar (y’all know I had to check out this coffee shop – it was absolutely adorable)
  • Montana Coffee Trading Post (multiple people recommended it and it did not disappoint!)


  • Swift Creek Cafe (breakfast spot)
  • Mama Blancas (Mexcian food)

Our Tips for Visiting:

  • Have bear spray with you (note: you can’t fly with it however its very accessible once you’re there). You might not see any bears while you’re there but that doesn’t mean you won’t. Our airbnb host actually provided bear spray that we could take with us, however if yours doesn’t practically every store has some available.
  • Wear hiking shoes. They’re super helpful when exploring and they keep your feet supported!
  • Bring lots of layers and look at the weather beforehand. It cools down at night and when you’re at higher elevations!
  • Drink lots of water. You’ll be at a higher elevation so its extra important to be hydrating more than you think you need to. We like to buy a case of water when we visit the mountains so that we’re always prepared!
  • Check park policies before you visit. There’s tons of visitors at national parks right now and that may affect what days/times you’re able to visit! We were lucky enough to go off season which made a big difference.
  • LEAVE NO TRACE. This is a big one and incredibly important when visiting other states and national parks. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of Leave No Trace, we had Abbi Hearne on the podcast awhile back who explains it beautifully. Bottom line? Have respect for the lands you’re visiting and leave it the way you found it.

Stay tuned for Steph’s blog post with images from her branding session, coming soon!!



  1. […] to Whitefish, MT to work with Steph Weber of The Weber Co (if you missed our travel recap you can read it here)! Steph is one of our recurring branding clients and we do each photoshoot in a different location. […]

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