Team Up with Other Entrepreneurs

Apr 2, 2020

In an industry where there has been so much competition in the past, it’s been beautiful to see how many of us are teaming up on different projects at the moment.

Collaborating with other entrepreneurs is one of the best things you can do. It builds your network, your relationships with each other, gives you exposure, and cultivates your team-building skills.

Here are some ideas for you when teaming up with other entrepreneurs:

Create an E-book

This is an incredible opportunity to team up with entrepreneurs in different industries to share all of your expertise in one place. Case in point: The Innovative Entrepreneur E-book. Kahlea, Chloe, Michelle, and I all teamed up to create an e-book that we know is VITAL for entrepreneurs to have in their hands right now. Each of us is in a different industry, which means we can individually showcase our strengths (ie: marketing strategies, influencer marketing, finance, and tiktok strategy). Because we teamed up together, the e-book is suddenly 4x more valuable than it would be had it been written by only one of us. Another bonus is now we have four different platforms marketing one material, as opposed to one. Ideally, this results in more exposure, revenue, and impact for everyone involved.

Course Bundles

 Do you have a course created and know other entrepreneurs who have online courses, too? Reach out to them about offering a course bundle. Similar to the e-book idea, your students will benefit ten-fold from learning various skillsets. You can point out that this is a $5,000 value (insert the accurate value for your product) for only $97 (again, choose your price), since you’ve all teamed up together to bring them an offer that will impact their business for the better. Again, you’ll be cross-pollinating which will hopefully help increase sales, exposure, and impact.

Guest Blog/Teach

Reach out to other entrepreneurs about guest blogging or doing a guest Live in their Facebook group, and vice verse. Use this time to connect with people outside of your community, who also align with your ICA (ideal client avatar) and would benefit from your offers. Likewise, if this feels outside of your comfort zone then definitely do it! Putting yourself out there repeatedly will build your confidence in talking about your offers.

Instagram Take-overs

Team up with other entrepreneurs by doing Instagram take-overs on each other’s platforms! You’re switching it up for your audience by giving them something “fresh” and increasing each other’s exposure. @botanybox has had a few others takeover her account recently and I’ve been loving it.

Go Live with Another Entrepreneur

Have you noticed how there are more people going Live lately? With more people working from home, Instagram has seen a spike in Live videos (it doubled in one week) and there’s been a 40% increase in usage across the platform. Team up with another creative you know to go live with each other. One of you will need to start the livestream, and the other can request to join the live. Once you’re both live, Instagram will alert both of your audiences.

Pro tip: pick a topic that you can both bring different perspectives to. Feel free to go off the script to keep things fun & entertaining, but have an outline so your audience is still getting value.

Group Giveaway

Team up with other small businesses to do a group giveaway! Opt for online resources if you can, or a gift card that you all pitch in for! Have everyone share about it on their socials, and make one of the requirements that people need to follow each of you in order to enter the giveaway. When it comes time to draw a winner, have each of you draw a winner from the comments (you can use and then out of those names use the same site to randomly pick the winner. Track your metrics to see how it increases your engagement and exposure!

Have you started teaming up with other entrepreneurs yet? What have you done?

P.S. buy the Innovative Entrepreneur E-book for more ideas on growing your business during an uncertain time! There’s so much value in it for you!!



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